Compounding World Expo: Sappi

13 April 2023

Up next, we interview Juul Cuijpers, Product Manager for Sappi, who will be exhibiting at Compounding World Expo.

Sappi is a leading global provider of sustainable wood fiber products and solutions, in the fields of dissolving pulp, printing papers, packaging and speciality papers, casting and release papers, biomaterials and bio-energy. As a company that relies on renewable natural resources, sustainability is at their core.

Sappi Symbio is a product line of Sappi Biotech and provides cellulose masterbatch solutions to the plastics industry. They offer a natural solution to make products greener, lighter and stronger.

Sappi Limited (JSE) is headquartered in Johannesburg (South Africa), with 12,500 employees and 18 production facilities on three continents: Europe, North America and Africa.

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