Agricultural Films - The Global Market 2020
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Agricultural Films
The Global Market 2020

Published: May 2020

  • With significant increase in agricultural output and productivity, we look to plastic agricultural film as a direct contributor.

    Climate change, pollution, land and soil erosion and Covid-19, have put food production under increasing pressure.

    In such conditions of resource scarcity, sustainable practices, innovative agricultural techniques and smart farming have become top priorities within the agricultural public and private sectors.

    This study informs in a time of uncertainty, to formulate coherent plans for the future progress of the polyethylene film market, to prepare meaningful strategies, and exploit business opportunities.

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Report scope

  • Product coverage

    • Silage film and its subcategories
    • Mulch film and its subcategories
    • Greenhouse film and its subcategories

    Data points

    • The study provides data as follows: 2014, 2019, 2020 and 2024.
  • Polymer types

    • LDPE
    • LLDPE (C4, C6, C8), metallocene
    • EVA/EBA,
    • recycled & reclaim,
    • others (PVC, ETFE, EVOH, PA biopolymers)

Geo scope

  • Geo scope

    On an individual country or regional basis, the study details the market for each film type in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia & Australasia, North America, and Central and South America.

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