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Pallet stretch films in NAFTA

Pallet stretch films in NAFTA

Date of publication: 2008

In the last 20 years pallet stretch film has been one of the success stories of the NAFTA plastics and packaging industry. Strong demand from customer industries combined with a real competitive advantage against other forms of pallet stabilization has resulted in sustained growth in the developed markets of the region, USA and Canada, and accelerating growth in Mexico.

Applied Market Information with its unrivalled knowledge and understanding regarding the dynamics and development of polyethylene applications around the world has completed a new and detailed market study on the NAFTA pallet stretch film market in order to assist companies in making key decisions in this important area.

The study provides companies with a detailed independent assessment of the NAFTA pallet stretch film industry, looking at both past trends and developments and giving a studied 4 year forecast, which will assist companies with their future investment and decision making programme. As well as providing an assessment of the NAFTA market, the study provides an outline of the global market in the light of significant capacity increases in other regions of the world.

For each country we provide comprehensive information as follows:

  • Per capita demand for stretch film for 2006 and a forecast for 2011
  • Supply and Demand of pallet stretch films including:
    • Imports
    • Exports
  • Capacity by country
  • Production by country
  • An analysis of the industry structure
  • A description of the leading players
  • Demand by country

For the NAFTA region we provide:

  • Demand by film type i.e.
    • Hand film
    • Machine Film
      • Standard (up to 100% stretch)
      • Medium (from 100% to 150% stretch)
      • High (from 150% to 250% stretch)
      • Plus (over 250%)
  • Comments upon the reasons for the film use and highlights trends and forces driving growth.

Statistical appendix

The statistical appendix is presented in two formats: metric tonnes and pounds. It provides on an individual country basis details of:

  • Supply and demand including:
    • Imports
    • Exports
  • Total capacity plus capacity by major producer
  • Total production
  • Demand

Market scope: 
The usage and production of pallet stretch film

Product scope: 
Hand film, Standard machine film (up to 100% stretch), Medium machine film (from 100% to 150% stretch), High stretch machine film (from 150% to 250% stretch), Plus machine film (over 250%).

Geographic scope: 
NAFTA (USA, Canada and Mexico).

The full subscription price is USD 4,500 (EUR 3,000).

All subscribers receive three printed copies in a hardback folder and a review meeting to discuss the report's contents.

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