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Market intelligence

Trustworthy data and insights to drive your business forward.

  • Stock-reports

    Our multi-disciplined team of consultants and researchers have a deep understanding of the plastics industry supply chain. We’re continually tracking core markets and technical developments to inform our analysis and forecasts.

    This expertise is underpinned by our unique databases and trusted rapport with the industry. Together, we deliver high-quality market intelligence that enables you to navigate the competitive environment and grow your business.

  • Data

    Unrivalled resources to support your business

    For more than three decades we’ve been developing information resources on the plastics industry. Today, this knowledge and data is ready to support your business.

    We offer:

    • Detailed downstream analysis of end-use markets for virgin polymers, recyclates, compounds, masterbatch and additives

    • Deep technical understanding of the principal technologies used in the manufacture of plastic products, including injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, and compounding

    • Knowledge of demand trends and applications of polymeric materials in major sectors like flexible film, energy, automotive and industrial applications

    • Exploration of new markets, plus cutting-edge research supporting the role of plastics in the circular economy
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    Market reports

    Our market reports are the definitive source of downstream polymer market data. This information can support you in the development of change management and participation strategies.

    Grow your business by understanding:

    • The magnitude of opportunity - by application and location
    • Where to invest research and development resources
      to maintain positioning
    • How changes in regulatory context will affect your business

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  • Polymer Demand data

    Polymer Demand data

    Develop your business strategy with the support of our Polymer Demand dataset. It provides virgin resin volumes at country-level for polymers, end-use application groups, and processing technologies.

    Benefits for you:

    • Access granular market data and intelligence to support business planning or investment projects

    • Identify the size and structure of demand so you can see market opportunities and adjust strategies

    • Understand the dynamics of the plastics industry in light of the drive towards a more circular economy

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  • Databases

    AMI databases. Dig deeper.

    With our database of over 22,500 sites, you can navigate to information quickly and easily. Find plant-level production information shared by experts across the world.

    We can help you:

    • Understand the scale and focus of operators
    • Access verified production information to create a clear map of the industry
    • Compile customer and potential supplier lists to support your business development

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    ORIENTATE is our newsletter dedicated to the global biaxially oriented film industry. Its objective is simple: to help managers, as well as their suppliers and customers, deepen their understanding of the global industry dynamics.

    You can expect an independent and authoritative view on trends and developments around the world, including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, plus other oriented films.

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