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Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures



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Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures


The in situ rehabilitation or upgrading of reinforced concrete members using bonded steel plates is an effective, convenient and economic method of improving structural performance. However, disadvantages inherent in the use of steel have stimulated research into the possibility of using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials in its place, providing a non-corrosive, more versatile strengthening system.

This book presents a detailed study of the flexural strengthening of reinforced and prestressed concrete members using fibre reinforces polymer composite plates. It is based to a large extent on material developed or provided by the consortium which studied the technology of plate bonding to upgrade structural units using carbon fibre / polymer composite materials. The research and trial tests were undertaken as part of the ROBUST project, one of several ventures in the UK Government's DTI-LINK Structural Composites Programme.

The book has been designed for practising structural and civil engineers seeking to understand the principles and design technology of plate bonding, and for final year undergraduate and postgraduate engineers studying the principles of highway and bridge engineering and structural engineering.

Role of bonded fibre-reinforced composites in strengthening of structures

Review of materials and techniques for plate bonding


Structural strengthening of concrete beams using unstressed composite plates

Structural strengthening of concrete beams using prestressed plates

Environmental durability

Time-dependent behaviour and fatigue

Part A Time-dependent behaviour

Part B Fatigue behaviour

Analytical and numerical solutions to strcutural strengthening of beams by plate bonding

Design and specification for FRP plate bonding of beams

Site construction techniques

Case histories of carbon fibre bonding worldwide

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