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Compounding & masterbatch

Compounding & masterbatch

An essential link in the supply chain between plastic converters and the polymer producers is the production of compounds and masterbatch. A masterbatch is a concentrated mix of additives in a carrier which users feed into plastics processing machinery. The most visual application is the colouring of resin in extrusion or moulding equipment. Compounds are made by similar processes with the key difference being that the compound is not diluted during further processing.

The compounding and masterbatch industries are very diverse and are difficult to segment because of overlapping definitions and the broad range of business models which are deployed. For instance it is often difficult to understand the extent to which a compound or masterbatch is a product or a service. The subtleties and nuances of the compounding and masterbatch industries require in-depth expertise to navigate the issues that these industries address. AMI Consulting has taken a role of leadership by providing market reports, databases and conferences, as well as being involved in numerous customised market studies, business development projects, technical due diligence and merger and acquisition services.

To find out more about AMI's work in compounding and masterbatch please contact:
Jon Nash for compounds or
Andrew Reynolds for masterbatch

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