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Building & infrastructure

Building & infrastructure

AMI Consulting's Building & Infrastructure Practice focuses on the use of plastic materials in construction and civil engineering. Plastics have already made huge inroads in applications such as pipes and fittings, profiles, thermal insulation, roofing and other waterproof membranes, flooring and decking, cables, steel pipe coating, etc.

The demand for plastics in construction-related applications continues to grow. In addition to the underlying market growth, plastic products continue to substitute more traditional materials. In applications such as pipes, for instance, plastic materials deliver value through improved performance, ease of handling/installation and - last but not least - versatility and design flexibility.

New application development constitutes yet another driver of growth: plastic materials find their way in an ever-increasing number of applications, sometimes complementing and enhancing traditional materials. Thus, for instance, polyolefin-based anti-corrosion coatings are applied to steel pipes, vastly improving the safety and durability of oil and gas pipelines; wood-plastic composites deliver superior aesthetics and enhance the value of wood by-products.

Through its programme of original research, AMI Consulting follows and analyses these trends. Its insightful multi-client reports provide essential tools for decision makers. The company is also regularly engaged by pipe manufacturers, technology providers and investors to undertake customised research to address specific market or technology developments, commercial and technical due diligence and merger and acquisition studies.

To find out more about AMI's work in building and infrastructure please contact Cristina de Santos

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