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Specialist markets

Specialist markets

With its finger on the pulse of plastics and polymer markets, AMI is regularly carrying out new studies to either enhance understanding in the prospects for established markets or to help segment and develop knowledge of new, emerging markets and technologies. In recent years this has included research on global markets for artificial turf, agricultural films, as well as the potential for polymer materials in emerging new technologies such as photovoltaic cells and wind energy. Many of these specific studies are supported by well-attended international conferences, giving AMI's consultants unrivalled access to industry participants.

In addition to carrying out our own programme of proprietary research, AMI Consulting is constantly supporting clients with research, analysis and reports on a wide range of markets, applications and technologies related to speciality areas of the plastics industry.

To find out more about AMI's Consulting's work on our specialist markets please contact Jon Nash

Multi-client reports on special markets:

Agricultural films the global market 2017

Artificial Grass - the global market

Materials usage in wind turbine blades - the global market

The market for agricultural films in Europe

Polymers in photovoltaics applications - the global market

AMI conferences for specialist markets: