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Artificial Grass - the global market

Artificial Grass - the global market

Date of publication: March 2016


The global market for artificial turf has exhibited strong growth since the product was introduced in the 1960s.  Its success is a result of product and technology innovation, to meet the needs of sports and non-sport applications, coupled with improved marketing and route-to-market development.  The industry has attracted numerous participants for artificial turf and related components ranging from small family owned producers to large globally operating organisations.  This, together with regional variations in supply and demand, has created a challenging but exciting market that continues to undergo structural change.   AMI Consulting has been watching market developments since 2001 and has now updated its authoritative multi-client study looking at:

  • The size, growth and segmentation of the market
  • The structure of the supply chain
  • The status of the technology
  • The size and positioning of the main producers

By providing independent quantitative analysis, subscribers will gain a much stronger understanding of the scale of the market and the market share of the key participants. The analysis also puts into context the role of the sport governing bodies and the effect of their decisions.

The review of technology provides subscribers with an insight into turf construction technologies and likely developments, and hence what is required to meet the emerging needs of the market.

The report is likely to be of interest to grass yarn tufters and extruders, materials and component suppliers, installers governing bodies and investors. 

Product scope:  The study investigates the market for artificial turf yarn and fabricated artificial turf and comments on related raw materials and machinery.

Geographical scope: The geographical scope is the world market segmented into: Europe, NAFTA, S. America, Near East, Far East, Oceania.

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report is also provided.

Further information:

To receive a proposal or for further information please click the Enquire/Order button above or contact Sylvia Tabero (sat@amiplastics.com).


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