AMI Plastics World Expos - Speaker Interview: Chad Walker, Laser Linc

26 October 2023

Chad Walker, Product Manager, Laser Linc

Chad Walker, Product Manager, Laser Linc

What do you think has been the greatest development in your market in the past decade?

When it comes to in-process real-time surface inspection and measurement of a continuous extrusion process, the extrusion industry has been attempting to solve these inspection challenges with vision-based inspection systems. These systems are very challenging to work with and end up not being used.

I often find that line operators are tasked with checking surface quality with their hands and eyes. Laser-line triangulation has the potential to be a one-solution fix for the toughest applications. Laser-line triangulation can reproducibly detect the smallest surface defects. Since defect detection settings are dimensional thresholds, it's intuitive to set up and use.

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