Chemical Recycling: Gary S. Cohen, SupplyOne

4 January 2024

Chemical Recycling: Gary S. Cohen, Food/Sustainable Packaging Specialist, SupplyOne

Chemical Recycling: Gary S. Cohen, Food/Sustainable Packaging Specialist, SupplyOne

Ahead of the Chemical Recycling event in Houston, TX in March 2024, Gary Cohen shares valuable insights into current and future market trends, challenges, and recent developments in this rapidly growing industry.

What is the most important lesson you have learned through your work on chemical recycling?

Chemical recycling is in its infancy and unproven stage, since it hasn’t had the steady, robust supply of feed stock needed to prove its value. I echo what leading recycling experts have said, “any sort of processing needs to have proven itself at scale and shown its environmental implications, and the strength of end markets".

What common misconceptions do people have about advanced / chemical recycling? How can these be addressed?

Many people don’t understand how chemical recycling would be used, what plastics would be used for feedstock and environmental implications. As stated above, only when an ongoing / steady supply of consumer based (curbside) feedstock is available will chemical recycling be able to demonstrate its viability and prove its value.

What challenges does advanced recycling face in North America, and how can these be overcome?

The public for the most part doesn’t trust the plastic industry. A stable and sustainable supply of feedstock is needed. Feedstock that is costed properly and is not undercut by virgin resin.

You will be speaking at the Chemical Recycling USA 2024 event, could you share a little of what you will be talking about and what you are looking forward to.

How EPR legislation can improve recycling in Tennessee, ranked 48th in the nation. Looking forward to help folks better understand EPR and answer questions on how.

The fourth edition of AMI's Chemical Recycling event returns to Houston, TX on March 12-13, 2024. Find out more