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EHV PEX-a process claims green gains

2 May 2023

EHV PEX-a process claims green gains


The world is electrifying rapidly. According to the International Energy Agency, electricity’s current 20% share of total global final energy demand will rise to near 30% by 2030 as Net Zero Scenarios are adopted – an annual average growth rate of 3.5%. This will mean considerable investment in global power grids and high demand for HV and EHV cable.

PEX-a (peroxide crosslinked XLPE) is a proven option for production of insulation for medium, high and extra high voltage (MV, HV and EHV) AC and DC cables. However, while trusted and established, PEX-a compound production is not a simple process. A new PEX-a compound technology has now been developed that claims to deliver new levels of cleanliness and cost effectiveness for production of the latest generation of HV and EHV power cables.

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