Press release

EV liftgates to lift LFT PP demand

20 October 2021

According to a new report published in September 2021 by industry experts AMI Consulting, market penetration for Long Fibre Polypropylene (LFT PP) is rising. The new report quantifies the use of both granule LFT PP (LFT-G) and direct in-line compounding LFT PP (LFT-D) tracking its use around the world. The result is a comprehensive analysis of LFT PP by application, OEM, producer and geographical region. The key metric in the report is kg/vehicle which allows the disaggregation of volatile car production numbers from underlying usage trends.

LFT PP is used widely in automotive front-end carriers, instrument-panel carriers, door-panels, consoles, pedals, under-body shields and many other applications. A feature of many of these applications is that LFT PP replaces steel and thereby reduces weight or replaces more expensive engineering plastics.

AMI Consulting is forecasting strong growth of LFT PP through to 2025. Some applications are growing much faster than others and some OEMs are adopting LFT PP more rapidly than others.

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