In a world full of waste, why is sourcing plastic feedstock for recycling such a challenge?

22 February 2024

Recycling sorting

Plastic waste has become a significant environmental concern worldwide, and Europe is no exception. With the increasing awareness of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution, recycling has emerged as a crucial solution. However, sourcing plastic feedstock for recycling in Europe presents several challenges.

Lack of standardized collection systems: One of the primary challenges in sourcing plastic feedstock for recycling in Europe is the lack of standardized collection systems. Different countries and regions have varying recycling infrastructures, leading to inconsistencies in waste management practices. This fragmentation makes it difficult to establish a reliable and efficient supply chain for plastic feedstock.

Our Consultant Elizabeth Carroll discusses six key challenges for the industry in her latest LinkedIn article:

  • Lack of standardized collection systems
  • Contamination and sorting complexities
  • Limited consumer awareness and participation
  • Inadequate collection infrastructure
  • Economic viability and market demand
  • Complex regulatory landscape

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