Injection Molding and Design Expo: Ken van Nimwegen- Alkegen

4 August 2023

Ken van Nimwegen- Alkegen

Next up in our exclusive series of interviews with our speakers is Ken Van Nimwegen, Market Manager - RapidFire™ Heater Bands at Alkegen.

Alkegen is an innovation-driven leader focused on battery technologies, filtration media, specialty insulation and more. Their RapidFire™ – Radiant Heater Bands represent the next generation in barrel heating for injection molding. RapidFire™ employs radiant heat and high-efficiency insulation to control and direct the heat energy, providing substantial energy savings, and subsequent reduced carbon emissions, as well as faster start-up and a safer, more comfortable work environment. At Alkegen, they're delivering products that enable the world to breathe easier, live greener, and go further than ever before.

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