Press release

Recyclers take to twin screw compounding machinery

10 February 2021

AMI Consulting, Bristol, 10/02/2021 – According to an authoritative report published in January 2021 by industry consultants, AMI Consulting, the fastest growing application for twin-screw compounding machines is in upgrading and recycling post-consumer plastic waste.

The report looks at the market for twin-screw corotating compounding machines as used commonly for compounding Engineering Plastics, Styrenics, Polypropylene, TPEs and masterbatches. These machines range from outputs of about 100 kg per hour up to 10 tonnes per hour with smaller machines being used to compound some of the highest performance polymers and the biggest machines used where compounders want to make batches of 200-500 tonnes at a time. While the largest machines are often used on lower margin compounds, the scale at which they operate often justifies investment in the highest standards of technical performance and automation.

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