Rigid Packaging Forum North America 2024 - Speaker interviews

19 June 2024

As the highly-anticipated Rigid Packaging Forum event in June draws near, industry experts and keynote speakers are gearing up to share valuable insights into the current and future market trends and the challenges and recent developments within this growing industry.

We asked them to share their insights on the following key questions:

  • You will be speaking at the Rigid Packaging Summit in the Rigid Container Innovations theater. Can you give us a brief preview of what you will be focusing on?
  • You will also be joining the panel discussion on “Collaborative pathways to smart and sustainable rigid packaging”. Are you able to outline some of the collaborative approaches that Faerch have taken in Europe to increase the speed and success of the journey to more sustainable and circular packaging?
  • Where do you expect the biggest changes in future packaging strategies in order to achieve sustainability goals: alternative materials (non-plastic), refill/reuse models, recyclability and waste reduction?
  • What are you most looking forward to at the Rigid Packaging Summit?

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