State level - 24 states have signed "chemical recycling laws"

24 April 2023

State level - 24 states have signed "chemical recycling laws"

Slide presented by Silke Einschuetz
Senior Consultant Recycling & Sustainability at AMI

24 - that's the updated number of US states that have to date signed 'chemical recycling laws' which generally means that chemical recycling has been reclassified from waste management operations to a manufacturing process in these states (although the exact provisions in the respective legislative texts differ). As such, chemical recycling plants are viewed as recycling facilities for the purpose of environmental legislation, funding and taxation. Also, chemically recycled material can over coming years potentially be counted in the reaching of recycled content mandates and be marketed as recycled material.

Please note that the picture above is an updated slide from my presentation at AMI's Chemical Recycling North America 2023 conference, held in Houston last month, which will return to Houston in 2024.

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