Press release

Sustainability led investment maintains growth in European thin wall packaging

20 March 2023

According to our latest press release, the European Thin Wall Packaging market has grown 1% per year to reach 3.4 million tonnes of polymer converted in 2022. The market has changed significantly over the last five years driven by legislation and plastics taxes, pressure from NGOs, brand owner/retailer sustainability commitments and consumer perception.  This has resulted in changes both in the types of polymer converted and seen a shift towards formats perceived as more sustainable.   There is unprecedented demand for mechanically and chemically recycled material, and bio-sourced material, and to meet PPWR targets, the availability of recycled content material needs to accelerate. Developments are taking place throughout the entire value chain to increase availability of and incorporate recycled material into thin wall packaging.   The latest edition of our highly regarded Thin Wall Packaging in Europe report is the result of an extensive research program, providing you with a detailed independent assessment of this industry in times of uncertainty.   Read the full press release

Read the full press release: Sustainability led investments maintains growth in EU TWP