What does the EU Parliamentary election mean for energy transition

19 June 2024

What do the results of the EU Parliamentary election mean for the energy transition and investments in renewables and green technologies? Read the latest article from ecfr.eu "Winds of change: The EU’s green agenda after the European Parliament election"

There is no denying this is not good news, and new regulations/higher targets will not be expected from the new parliament. But things are not as black and white as it looks: one interesting point in below article is including the "geopolitical" landscape in examining potential strategy of the new parliament towards the energy transition.

The new and more "right" parliament may well be less keen on green initiatives, but is expected to be focused on security and competitiveness- the latter can mean good news for green technology, as it is only second to IT when it comes to global investments in R&D and growth potentials.

We stay positive about the materialization of the expected growth in renewable energy in the green continent, especially in wind energy, in which we play a small role by providing a platform for the blade supply chain to exchange ideas and technology updates.

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