Wind Turbine Blades: Ken Lee, EDF Renewables

3 August 2023

Ken Lee, EDF Renewables headshot

Ken Lee, Fleet Engineering Manager, EDF Renewables

Ken is Sr. Fleet Engineer for Mechanical & Composites. Currently, he leads EDF’s Performance & Reliability Engineering support, as the sole SME on blade fleet RCAs and in improving long term blade health management. Ken received his B.S. & M.S. Aerospace Engineering degrees from the Uni. of Kansas, and has over 13 years’ experience in the wind industry. Ken's expertise covers full lifecycle of rotor blades including design, manufacturing, testing and certification, including in-factory/in-field inspections and repairs. Prior to joining EDF, Ken was COO at WindCom, where he led blade services' engineering and field ops team in delivery of blade composite repairs and maintenance scope.

He has held several positions in blade engineering, starting at Wetzel Engineering and Envision Energy for a combined 10 years, as technical lead, design-engineer, and PM of advanced blade R&D for multi-MW blades. Ken later joined SkySpecs, as Sr. Solutions Blade Engineer, providing blade domain expertise in uncovering damage insights from drone images and O&M data, to support owner-operators in repair planning and blade asset management.

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