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    What is ORIENTATE?

    ORIENTATE is our newsletter dedicated to the global biaxially oriented film industry. Its objective is simple: to help managers, as well as their suppliers and customers, deepen their understanding of the global industry dynamics.

    You can expect an independent and authoritative view on trends and developments around the world, including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, plus other oriented films.

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    How do I benefit?

    We provide hard hitting insight for senior management throughout the industry.

    With ORIENTATE, you’ll not only learn about the latest industry dynamics, trends and developments in the biaxially oriented film business, you’ll learn the small things that others sometimes don’t report.

    Strategic information, from your industry, from around the world.

  • Testimonial

    “I read every ORIENTATE article with great interest, especially the ‘In the News’, film and resin pricing, ‘In the Spotlight’ and new capacity sections”
    Hattori Kazumasa, Futamura

  • In every issue

    In the news: Discover everything about the industry
    Film and resin pricing: Improve your forecasting – by region
    In conversation: Insight from industry leaders. For strategy and direction
    In the spotlight: Learn about key players. For film capacities, turnover, product range, product strengths and future investments
    Market report: Dig deep by country or regional market or application
    Sustainability: Look closely at evolving company initiatives and advancements
    New capacity table: Track progression with each issue

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