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PE Film 2017

Small and steady yet positive growth none the less

In 2017 the European PE Film Extrusion industry has to remain resilient with increasing competition from the ever expanding Asian Market. However in Europe, polyethylene accounts for 80% of the polymers used in film production and polymer consumption has increased by 0.1 million tonnes in the past year.

With company sales targets expanding at a more significant rate, it has never been more important to have the correct tools for reaching goals.

Due to its central location and being home to four of the top 10 PE Film Extruder groups in Europe; Germany remains the leader of this resilient sector, followed by Italy, Spain and France.

Alongside the threat of the Asian market, PE film production will change, with C4 linear grade continuing to replace LDPE which will increase manufacturing costs.

AMI's Polyethylene Film Extruders directory gives a snapshot of 1207 film extruders, helping those with an interest in tracking this industry to keep in-line with their marketing objectives over the forthcoming years.

Posted by: Cathy Turbitt 27/01/2017