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AMI databases

Each AMI directory of plastics processors is available as a database allowing you to quickly optimise the extensive market data. The databases are available as downloads. There are three levels available: standard, gold and platinum.

The standard database includes the same information as the book but also offers searching and exporting facilities, the gold database includes additional information for each site and the platinum database allows you to export all production information. Data is exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

What's included

Standard database Gold database Platinum database
Plant name, address, telephone, fax and website Tickexportable Tickexportable Tickexportable
Key management contact Tickexportable Tickexportable Tickexportable
Details of polymers used Tick Tick Tickexportable
Details of markets served/products offered Tick Tick Tickexportable
Details of post moulding/finishing operations Tick Tick Tickexportable
Equipment capacity (lock/shot, number of machines, film width etc) Tick Tickexportable Tick
ISO 9000 registration Tickexportable Tickexportable Tickexportable
Up to 3 extra contacts Cross Tickexportable Tickexportable
Parent company Cross Tickexportable Tickexportable
Total polymer throughput Cross Tick Tickexportable
Extra machinery information Cross Tick Tickexportable
Extra information on company's specialisations (main polymer processes and main markets served) Cross Tick Tickexportable

Database functionality

  1. Print profiles of any company in the database 
  2. Launch any website listed in the database 
  3. Add your own comments for each site (gold and platinum databases only)
  4. Search for any combination of fields from the database to identify particular companies e.g. all injection moulders of PP in the medical market; all extruders Germany etc. 
  5. View your selection in spreadsheet format
  6. Export mailing data into a spreadsheet for marketing purposes. 
  7. Export mailing data and production information into a spreadsheet for marketing purposes (platinum version only). 

How to use AMI databases

AMI databases run under Access 2007 onwards. You have to have a copy of Access to run the database. Free run time versions are available to download. For further technical information about our databases check our FAQs on installing and running databases.

How to install and run an AMI database

How to use an AMI database.


Limitation of use

AMI database prices shown on this site are for a single user license which permits the purchaser to install the electronic database on to one PC and an associated laptop. Licences are available for multiple installations and for incorporation into company intranets. Contact us for more details.

Databases (standard, gold and platinum) are available for the following processes: