Artificial Turf - Global Market 2024
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Artificial Turf Global Market 2024

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  • We have been conducting extensive research on the artificial turf market since 2001, our latest report offers a comprehensive industry overview up to 2027, delving into sustainability, economic challenges, and regional trends that are shaping the market.

    Now in the 10th edition the report offers independent quantitative analysis and provides a detailed look at the market's performance over the last 18 months and its projected growth over the next 5 years.

    Empower your decisions with a global market outlook that delivers vital insights for strategic reviews, business planning, and investment projects.

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Report scope

  • Report introduction

    The world of artificial grass and turf extends far beyond the realm of sports and leisure. It's intertwined with pressing issues such as climate change, urbanisation, personal wellness, and evolving lifestyle choices. Within this dynamic mix, there exists a wealth of opportunities for the diverse participants in the artificial turf value chain.

    The Artificial Turf Global Market report offers a comprehensive outlook on the global artificial grass industry up to 2027. It delves into the growing significance of sustainability considerations, including recycling and end-of-life options, organic infill, and the impact of the impending SBR infill ban in Europe. Additionally, it sheds light on the ongoing global economic challenges that leave their mark on the global and regional markets.

    This report is an invaluable resource for grass yarn tufters, extruders, materials and component suppliers, installers, governing bodies, and investors. It provides insights into turf construction technologies, ongoing developments, and the necessary adaptations to address the emerging needs of the market. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, it equips stakeholders with the knowledge needed to navigate and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

  • Product scope

    Artificial turf yarn and artificial turf (carpet). Additionally, the report comments on related raw materials and components within the turf system, and machinery.

    The report excludes needle-punched products and very short-pile grass which is often referred to as balcony grass.

    Application scope

    The artificial grass applications to be covered include both sports and non-sports surfaces (leisure and landscape applications).

    Data points

    The report provides market data for the years 2019, 2021, and 2023 (with references to AMI Consulting’s data back to 2007 where relevant) and forecasts demand for 2027.

  • Geo scope

    Geographical scope

    The geographical scope is the world market segmented into:

    • Europe
    • NAFTA
    • South America
    • Near East
    • Far East
    • Oceania

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