The Global Market for Artificial Turf 2022
Market Report

The Global Market for
Artificial Turf 2022

Published: May 2022

  • Improved marketing, product innovation and diversity in supplier have all contributed to this. We’ve been watching market developments since 2001 and this is our ninth study looking into the size, growth and segmentation of the market, the structures of the supply chain, technology developments and the size and positioning of its main producers.

    Develop a strong understanding of the market with independent quantitative analysis, which puts context to the role sport governing bodies play in the industry.

    Grass yarn tufters, extruders, materials and component suppliers, installers, governing bodies and investors can learn more about turf construction technologies and developments, and the ongoing developments needed to meet the emerging needs of the market.

Report scope

  • Product scope

    Artificial turf yarn and artificial turf (carpet).

    Additionally, the report comments on related raw materials and components within the turf system, and machinery.

    The report excludes needle-punched products and very short-pile grass which is often referred to as balcony grass.

  • Application scope

    The artificial grass applications to be covered include both sports and non-sports surfaces (leisure and landscape applications).

    Data points

    The report provides market data for the years 2017, 2019, 2021 (with references to AMI Consulting’s data back to 2007 where relevant) and forecasts demand for 2025.

Geo scope

  • Geo scope

    The geographical scope is the world market segmented into Europe, NAFTA, South America, Near East, Far East, Oceania.

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