Thin Wall Packaging Europe 2023
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Thin Wall Packaging Europe 2023

Published: March 2023

  • Thin Wall Packaging in Europe remains comparatively fragmented, but the consolidation is on-going and at pace. Only by probing into the activity of both large and smaller producers can the size and structure of demand be properly demonstrated, and the variations by end-use application highlighted. This depth of analysis serves to highlight opportunities and threats by end-use application and provides insight into winning supplier strategies. A clear business definition and portfolio strategy are fundamental in exploiting the forward opportunity, based on:

    • Consumer trends impacting the demand for packaged goods
    • Current and future demand by application within country. The data will be segmented by type of polymer consumed
    • Structure of supply within each application segment including structural change within the segment and geographical distribution
    • Current and future demand within each application segment. Special attention will be paid to the drivers of future demand including inter-polymer competition
    • Any emerging end-use application niches within the wider market scope
    • Potential propositions provided by new products/technologies and the criticalities in their commercial development

Report scope

  • The study focuses on thin wall packaging, defined as rigid plastic thermoformed or injection moulded containers and lids for food and non-food consumer goods.

    Market scope

    For the purposes of this study, the market is divided into eleven major end-use applications, as follows:

    • Chilled dairy
    • Catering and disposables
    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Meat, fish and poultry
    • Frozen food and ice-cream
    • Delicatessen
    • Bakery, confectionery and snacks
    • Yellow fats
    • Chilled ready meals and meal components
    • Other ambient foods (long-life)
    • Non-food applications
  • Polymer scope

    The principle plastics used to manufacture thin wall packaging in Europe are PS, PP, PET and PVC. The report focuses on the following five polymer groups:

    • PS (but expanded polystyrene is excluded)
    • PP
    • PET
    • PVC
    • Other (PLA, HDPE, ABS, PC, EVOH, PA)

    Process scope

    • Sheet extrusion and thermoforming
    • Injection moulding

    Data points

    Volumes is expressed in metric tonnes or 1,000 metric tonnes and reported for 2017, 2022 and forecasts for 2027.

Geo scope

  • Geo scope

    The study covers the thin wall packaging market within 28 EU countries + Norway, Switzerland, and Croatia.

    Individual data is provided for France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, other Western Europe, Poland, and other Central Europe.

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