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Discover insight and data that will help you navigate the changing landscape, identify growth niches and proactively manage threats.

  • Raw material

    In the rapidly evolving world of plastics, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of polymer demand and distribution. This is why we offer detailed end use application data, plus current and future polymer demand forecasts.

    Alongside this information, we can also connect you with partners across the industry at one of our international conferences or exhibitions.

    This unique combination of events and information will ensure you can navigate the changing landscape, guard against threats and identify growth niches.

Specialist topics

  • Polyamide


    The polyamide market is a profitable thermoplastic market. PA’s proven versatility as well as its recyclability means it’s being used in a vast range of applications. With our full market analysis, you can feel confident about market demand now, and tomorrow.

  • Polyethylene


    The polyethylene industry has an increasing array of grades to choose from, as a result of a more demanding customer base. Today, understanding the needs of these customers is key. So our events, market reports and databases are here to keep you informed.

  • Polymer sourcing and distribution

    Polymer sourcing and distribution

    After decades of growth, many polymer materials are entering a more mature phase. Increasing global competition, volatility of supply and demand, plus environmental pressures are all making growth more challenging. Explore recent trends in sourcing options and the implications for your business.

  • Polypropylene


    As the demand for sustainable packaging increases, PP is a great solution. It has established collection and recycling streams and supplier commitment to drive process efficiency with material science. Our events and insights can help you stay ahead of the latest developments.

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