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Flexible films

Flexible films are one of the fastest-growing segments for polymer materials. We can help you achieve business success with the latest market research, data and events.

  • Film packaging

    Flexible films are a rapidly growing segment. As a lightweight alternative to rigid plastics and flexible packaging they deliver excellent aesthetics and functionality, plus a lower carbon footprint. The move towards mono-material solutions and changes in recycling technology are changing the industry even further.

    Our events and market intelligence can help you adapt to these changes. You’ll also be able to leverage the latest information to drive your business forward.

Specialist topics

  • Agricultural films

    Agricultural films

    Agriculture is an area of rapid technological advance, driven by world food demand, and recent developments in agricultural films.

    Want to stay ahead of the curve? Take a look at our high-quality information on market trends, performance, sustainability and recycling.

  • Biax films

    Biax films

    Biax films are being extended into more sophisticated and tailored market applications. This is enabling innovative film constructions with added functionality and improved processability. We’ll help you identify exciting market opportunities, new customers and innovative technologies in your sector.

  • Packaging Films


    The packaging market is evolving fast. Consumer expectations are changing and innovative multilayer flexible packaging, such as barrier films and pouches are starting to replace traditional formats. Our events cover the latest technological advances, raw materials, production techniques, applications and legislation.

  • Polyethylene films

    Polyethylene films

    The polyethylene film sector is one of the most innovative in the industry. It’s characterised by market growth, resin grade development, and product advances. Sustainability is also shaping production trends and influencing material innovation in all regions. We’ll help you stay informed.

  • Stretch & shrink films

    Stretch & shrink films

    Palletisation films are a huge success story in the global plastics and packaging industry. Strong demand coupled with a competitive advantage against other forms of pallet stabilisation has encouraged growth worldwide. Stay up to date with our current market reports and events.

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