Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging

With the rising consumption of rigid packaging, urgent action is needed. We can help you navigate this space with leading market intelligence and events.

  • Rigid packaging

    Growing environmental pressures mean that plastic containers, bottles, closures and single-use plastic items have come under increasing scrutiny. However, the plastics industry is resilient.

    Businesses worldwide are rising to the challenges of recycling and sustainability legislation with new designs for recyclability, innovative materials, technology and formats.

    Our market intelligence and events are here to help you move forward in this changing landscape.

Specialist topics

  • Closures

    Closures and bottles

    Good organic growth of several market segments and a change in packaging trends remain the key demand drivers for plastic closures and bottles. We’ll help you examine design developments, plus ways to improve production, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Single serve capsules

    Single-serve capsules

    The single serve capsules industry has a complex supply chain. And today’s cost pressures with the drive towards best end-of-life solutions fuels R&D initiatives. Our events and information can help you explore the latest innovations and select the right solutions to secure growth in this sector.

  • Thin wall packaging

    Thin wall packaging

    Demand for thin wall packaging is high. This is facilitated by the expansion of centralised retail distribution, on-the-go convenience formats, and new technologies in processing and packaging. Our insights and events can help you discover new applications and opportunities.

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