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Our reports, data and events offer detailed insights into polymeric materials in the energy and infrastructure sector. These are ideal for supporting your business growth strategy.

  • Wind turbines

    Energy and Infrastructure companies are under pressure to become greener, faster, while continuing to supply the global economy. As a result, polymeric material innovations will play a key role in the move towards a more sustainable future.

    Our market intelligence and events can help you spot challenges, seize opportunities and connect with other leaders in this rapidly-evolving sector.

Specialist topics

  • Artificial turf

    Artificial turf

    This sector is attracting new participants, innovative business models, plus merger and acquisition activity. As such, keeping up to date with technological advancement and changes is key. Our insights and events can help you stay one step ahead.

  • Cable extrusion


    Investments continue in the cables industry, with specific focus on electrification and e-mobility. Why not leverage our expert research and connect with partners across the sector? Take a look at our programme of events and market intelligence to get started.

  • Flooring


    Resilient flooring is used across many applications from residential to commercial and healthcare to leisure. Our event can help you explore the latest materials, design innovations and process developments. So you can change customer perceptions and open up new markets.

  • Pipeline coating

    Pipeline coating

    Our annual Pipeline Coating event explores new generation coatings and technologies. All of which are moving the industry forward. Book your place to share knowledge and connect with leading industry partners across the global network.

  • Polymer Engineering for Energy

    Polymer engineering for energy

    High performance polymers in the oil and gas industry are an effective replacement for metal components. They offer improved uptime, long life times and reduced maintenance cycles. Why not explore the opportunities of high performance polymers at our annual event?

  • Thermoplastic pipes

    Thermoplastic pipes

    The use of plastic pipes in infrastructure development is rising globally. Safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability are just a few of the main drivers. If you’re looking to spot opportunities in this sector, our insights can help.

  • Waterproof membranes

    Waterproof membranes

    Challenges in the building and civil engineering industries are rising. Climate change, the demand for energy and water conservation, as well as a growing population, are all playing their part. Our market intelligence and events will enable you to meet these challenges.

  • Wind energy

    Wind turbine blades

    Today, wind blade production is facing some key challenges. These include cost-effective automation, the development of inspection technologies, as well as the use of modular structures. Our market insights and events can help you understand and overcome these challenges.

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