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Compounds, additives & masterbatch

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  • compounds

    The production of compounds and masterbatch are an essential link between plastic converters and polymer producers. There’s a diverse range of products available in this sector, from antioxidants to processing aids, and colourants to impact modifiers.

    As these industries are highly diverse and difficult to segment, we’re here to help you navigate the landscape.

Specialist topics

  • Masterbatch/Concentrates

    Masterbatch (Concentrates)

    Fluctuations in demand; raw material volatility; evolving customer service needs; a shift towards the circular economy; these are just a few of the changes affecting the masterbatch (concentrates) industry. We’re here to help you navigate the challenges.

  • PP compounds

    PP compounds

    Demand for PP compounds is dominated by a small number of large OEMs and served by a small group of large suppliers. As such, the strategies of key sellers influence overall profitability. Take a look at our insightful assessments of the global PP compounds markets.

  • PVC

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    PVC is the world's third most widely produced polymer. It’s highly versatile but must be mixed with additives to be useful. Our PVC Formulation events show you how advances in additives are affecting formulations for both rigid and flexible PVC applications.

  • Fire

    Fire retardant solutions

    Today, flame retardant solutions can be based on halogenated or non-halogenated components, like polymers, fillers and additives. These are widely used in furniture, electrical, cables and transport. Visit our events to explore the latest developments in the international fire retardant industry.

  • Medical devices


    Medical devices play a critical role in a huge variety of healthcare applications, and demand is growing due to factors such as an aging population and moves towards less invasive medical procedures. Visit our events to explore the latest developments in your industry.

  • Footwear


    Identify opportunities and capitalise on advances in polymer materials and processing technologies for footwear applications. Visit our events to explore the latest developments in your industry.

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