Introduction to Recycling of Engineering Polymers Europe 2023
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Introduction to Recycling of Engineering Polymers Europe 2023

Published: December 2023

This study is an introduction to engineering polymers, from a recycling perspective. It aims to explore the market for both mechanical and chemical recycling of ABS/SAN, PC, PA, PBT, POM, and PMMA as well as end-use applications for recyclates.

It covers the waste plastics value chain for these polymers, including the collection and sorting from key application areas, the companies processing the waste, and the end-use markets for recyclate. With evaluation of the current operating environment, key trends shaping the industry as well as up-to-date databases on mechanical and chemical recyclers, it allows for visibility on the current and future status of the market.

At the centre of our research is our in-depth conversations with industry participants across the engineering plastics value chain.

Included with the report is a database of 446 mechanical recyclers in Europe processing at least one of these polymers, as well as profiles of 29 companies involved in chemical recycling projects involving engineering polymers globally.

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  • Polymer coverage

    The report covers the following polymers:

    • ABS/SAN
    • PC
    • PA
    • PBT
    • POM
    • PMMA
  • Recyclate sources

    Waste sources for recyclate covered include:

    • Municipal (household)
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Other
  • End-use applications

    End-use applications for recyclate are quantified within the following segments with further analysis on the main end-use applications within:

    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Other
  • Data points

    The study provides data on virgin polymer demand and end-use applications for virgin engineering polymers for the years 2020, 2022, 2025 and 2030.

    It also provides a mechanical recycling capacity estimate for engineering polymers in Europe, and data on individual engineering polymer recyclate demand up to 2030.

  • Geo scope

    Geographical scope

    The geographic scope is the European market, comprising:

    • EU 27 plus 3 (United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland)
  • Olivia Poole

    Meet the expert

    Olivia Poole, Senior Research Analyst

    Olivia holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK. Since joining AMI in 2019 as a Conference Producer, she has produced programmes for several technical events. She was also instrumental in launching the Chemical Recycling event portfolio which have become successful flagship events. Olivia is now a Senior Research Analyst within our Recycling and Sustainability unit, currently focussing on both the mechanical and chemical recycling of engineering plastics.

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